Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shocking story how Sonko is Neglecting his Mother in Law..Sad Story

I have information on Nairobi senator Sonko which I think you need to publish. His mother in law from his first wife, the Late Njeri, who is also the grandmother of his first born daughter, Saumu, is so sick and needs knee replacement.

The mother in law has been sick for almost 3yrs, she has a problem with her legs and she is being attended at Kiambu hospital, she is very poor and the family is strained trying to pay for her medical and also her upkeep. When Sonko is asked to help, he abuses  the family by telling them that they are trying to con him. 

At times they are even unable to get her for her appointments while other times they can't
get her medication. Saumu (Sonko's daughter) has always been trying to help the grandmother but to no avail. Saumu was named after this same grandmother who is sick, Agnes Kina.

Herself she is faced with many challenges where sometime she is even forced to beg for sanitary pads from her cousin called Peris. Sonko is never at home for his kids and most of the time, he comes very early at 4am, pick up his clothes and leaves. He has a clande in South B called Judy ( who is married). 

He also has other women in Mombasa, Rongai and every one knows nowadays he is glued to Shebesh like a leech. Believe me the daughter is always calling her cousin asking for money to buy basic stuff because they are always fighting with the step mum.

All his children have a different mother Saumu is from the late Njeri, Salma is from a lady in Juja and Sandra's mother is from the current wife Prim. Sonko is very stingy and he only gives money when the camera is rolling "PR". His own wife is facing many

I remember one time when the daughter was in form 2 he chased her away and she went to live with her grandmother in Runyenjes Kigumo, she was taken to St Agnes Kiaganari. Where the old woman struggled to pay her tuition until she sent her children to go beg Sonko to take back the daughter, who he later took to Buruburu girls and acquired a B+.

Sonko should not pretend how he is very serious with helping Wananchi while hisown family suffers in silence.

The sick mother-in-law used a wooden walking stick to walk for a very long time until recently when a neighbour donated a better one to her. Sonko himself has a very loose tongue. He always insults his kids and wife with names like Malaya, Kuma, Shoga, Msenge and all other bad words.

When you see Sonko close to Shebesh, know that he is looking for money. He is a known con who will do anything to get the money from women and then dump them. PRIM who he is currently married to was his late wife, Njeri, best friend. Njeri had fights with Sonko because he was shagging  her very close friends. Sonko's style is divide and rule.

Sonko has also made sure that Saumu never meets her half-brother called Junior since their mother died.

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